A few weeks ago I started driving to and from work in silence.

No radio, no iPod, nothing but the ambient noise of the tires on the road.

I started doing this one chilly evening on my way home from my girlfriend’s house. I have an FM transmitter in my car for my iPod, but on that particular night it decided that it didn’t want to work. So, I turned on the radio, but all of the songs were depressing “I hate you for breaking up with me” songs which did nothing but lower my mood. Frustrated, I turned off the radio and drove home in silence.

As I was driving along my frustration faded and I started to feel an overwhelming sense of calmness begin to wash over me. I was no longer irritated by the silly drivers or the slowness of traffic. My thoughts didn’t wander to dark places nor did I become pre-occupied with my past.

Instead, I simply focused. Focused on what was going on in that moment.

For the first time, I was “In the moment” some thing I’ve heard other Buddhists describe but could never quite attain. It was amazing.

The next day I woke up and started driving to work, but instead of listening to the radio I just drove in silence.

I continued doing this, and I’ve noticed that I’ve been much calmer and happier.

I guess that driving in silence allows me to meditate…passively.

Whatever the reason, I’m happy with the happiness and peace that this has brought me, and will continue to simply…

Drive in silence.